Crociera Aerea Transatlantica Italia-Brasile Vintage Poster

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The transatlantic air cruise Italy-Brazil, or transatlantic air cruise, also known as the "mass flight Italy-Brazil", "air cruise Italy-Brazil," "The Atlantic cruises," was the first mass transatlantic air cruise.

Italo Balbo's transatlantic air cruise from Italy to Brazil in 1930-1931 was a historic aviation event that marked a significant milestone in the early days of long-distance air travel.

Italo Balbo, an Italian aviator and air force general, gained prominence for his role in the Italian Fascist government led by Benito Mussolini. He was also known for his achievements in aviation. The transatlantic air cruise was conceived following the success of Balbo's earlier mass air cruises in the Mediterranean.

Before the transatlantic journey, Balbo organized two notable mass air cruises in the Mediterranean:

- Aviator Cruise of the Western Mediterranean (1928): This cruise involved a large group of Italian seaplanes traveling across the Western Mediterranean.
- Aviator Cruise of the Eastern Mediterranean (1929): Similar to the first cruise but covering the Eastern Mediterranean.

The transatlantic air cruise aimed to demonstrate the capabilities of Italian aviation and strengthen ties between Italy and Brazil. It departed from Orbetello, Italy, on December 17, 1930, and reached Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on January 15, 1931.

The fleet, consisting of around 25 seaplanes, followed a southern route across the Atlantic Ocean. The aircraft used were Savoia-Marchetti S.55 twin-engine flying boats, known for their reliability and long-range capabilities.

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